This is who I am and what I do!

I am an architect and an artist.

I design houses and renovations for private families. Sometimes I do interior design also. My one-woman architect office is called Creative Turku.

I paint aquarelles and take photographs. Every year I have one or two exhibitions.

I write about architecture and art in my blog artisokka and in the Turku-SAFA blog arkkitehtien aatoksia.

I also work for the Finnish Association of Architects SAFA as an representative in the Turku area in South-Western Finland.

I taught children in two elementary school art clubs in 2014-15. At the same time I started teaching adults too. Now I have arranged several aquarelle and origami courses and there will be a few courses this summer (2016) too in Mynämäki, Laitila, Orivesi and Paris.

For a hobby renovate my own home, an old wooden house. If you want to see pictures of the renovation of my house, you can look at the blog I wrote in 2014 in Turun Sanomat newspaper, Vanhan talon tarinoita.

You can also find me in Instagram as tiltunurminen and in Facebook as Creative Turku and Artisokka.


Contact: tiltu.nurminen(at)!

Tiltu Nurminen, Halisojantie 3, 21270 Nousiainen, Finland, Europe.




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